Connecticut changes rules on recreational or hybrid products

Traditional cannabis strain names make a return to Connecticut dispensaries

Connecticut has started to ease restrictions on the naming of cannabis strains sold as dispensaries after launching adult-use cannabis sales in 2023. Since the state’s medical marijuana industry started in 2014 the cannabis industry has been bound by strict regulations that prohibit the use of traditional strain names such as “haze” or “kush,” seen to regulators as “street names.” While these naming restrictions will remain in place for purely medicinal cannabis products, according to reporting from Hartford Business Journal, the rules have been relaxed for recreational or hybrid products.

This update aims to reduce consumer confusion and potentially boost adult-use sales. However, some restrictions do remain in place with the goal of preventing products from appealing to children. Since these changes have taken effect three Connecticut marijuana cultivators have received state approval to use traditional strain names. Additionally, Connecticut dispensaries are in the process of introducing these strains to their customers. This is seen as an important step in a competitive marketplace where neighboring states such as Massachusetts and New York can operate without this restriction.

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