Trulieve resolves OSHA investigation

Trulieve reaches settlement with OSHA

Trulieve has reached a settlement with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration following an investigation into the death of one of its employees. The settlement is the result of an incident in January of 2022 when a Trulieve employee working with ground cannabis at the company’s Holyoke cultivation and processing facility was rushed to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield after having difficulty breathing. The employee died shortly thereafter and OSHA responded by issuing over $35,000 in fines to Trulieve.

As part of the settlement, Trulieve will pay a reduced $14,502 fine and undertake a study to determine whether ground cannabis dust is required to be classified as a “hazardous chemical” in the workplace, according to OSHA regulations. While this program is in development, Trulieve says that they will provide employees with a temporary information and training program alerting them to potential allergic reactions they might experience when working with ground cannabis dust. Trulieve says that the report should be complete by May 29, 2023.

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