Two new cannabis drinks debut fall and October flavors

Two new cannabis drinks are available just in time for October

The fall season has officially begun with the leaves changing color, temperatures dropping, and less sunlight throughout the day. To celebrate this time of year two Massachusetts companies recently announced their own special cannabis infused drink with new flavors for customers to try and enjoy this season. Jason Reposa, Founder and CEO of Good Feels, has created an “autumn harvest” seasonal flavor of their popular cannabis infused seltzer. The drink has notes of apple and cinnamon spice that remind you of a crisp fall morning. The drink has no sugar, zero calories, and 5mg total combination of THC and CBD. The autumn harvest drink is available now at dispensaries with more stores set to carry the new flavor in the near future.

LEVIA is also introducing a limited edition flavor for the month of October. Their new Blueberry Cobbler flavored drink is in honor of Halloween featuring artwork of a witch staring deep into your eyes as she rests her hands on an oversized blueberry. The Blueberry Cobbler is infused with a sativa cannabis blend to keep you going whether you’re having fun or working hard. The drink is said to have a chilling berry flavor with 5mg of THC, no sugars, and no calories. LEVIA’s Co-Founder Troy Brosnan says that the company will continue to release limited-edition drinks throughout the year in an effort to always give consumers something new and exciting to try. The Blueberry Cobbler flavor landed on dispensary shelves in the first week of October.

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