Uxbridge impact fees challenged by local cannabis business

Caroline’s Cannabis challenges Uxbridge over host community agreement fees

Caroline’s Cannabis has filed a complaint against Uxbridge claiming that the town has provided no documentation to back up their request for payment of a community impact fee. In 2022 lawmakers updated the law around host community agreements to clarify what is and is not allowed within those contracts. Caroline Frankel opened Caroline’s Cannabis in 2019 and was the first woman-owned adult-use cannabis retailer to open in Massachusetts. In the complaint, Caroline’s Cannabis says that they have paid over $1.2 million in impact fees so far despite the town’s failure to back up those figures. Frankel is seeking an injunction that would prevent the town from collecting future impact fees as well as a declaratory judgement that essentially prevents the town from collecting any fees in the absence of proof of such costs.

Find the full story from Law360 on their website here: https://www.law360.com/retail/articles/1595369/mass-pot-shop-wants-refund-of-1-4m-in-town-impact-fees