First cannabis dispensaries approved in Vermont

First adult-use cannabis retail licenses issued in Vermont

The Cannabis Control Board in Vermont met on Wednesday to approve the first batch of recreational cannabis dispensary licenses. Analysts have predicted that Vermont’s adult-use cannabis industry would begin some time around October 1st. With the date soon approaching the board announced that they were prepared to issue these first licenses roughly two weeks ahead schedule. Three establishments were given the OK to open one of the first cannabis dispensaries for adults in Vermont.

  1. Mountain Girl Cannabis (Rutland)
  2. FLŌRA Cannabis (Middlebury)
  3. Champlain Valley Dispensary, Inc., CeresMED, Ceres (Burlington)

Companies must first pay their respective licensing fees, comply with any outstanding contingencies, and have all municipal approvals in order before opening. The Cannabis Control Board says that the grand opening date will vary from business to business. On the Mountain Girl Cannabis Instagram profile the business commented that on October 1st, “recreational sales open up in VT – and with that the doors of our store.”

For more information visit the Vermont Cannabis Control Board website here: