Vermont cannabis caps one year later

Vermont’s THC caps continue to spark debate one year later

In Vermont the debate over THC caps on cannabis products continues to heat up as the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry approaches its one-year mark. The current regulations cap THC content at 30 percent for cannabis flower and 60 percent for manufactured concentrates, with slight allowances for exceeding these limits. The Vermont Growers Association and other stakeholders have launched petitions, gathering hundreds of signatures to urge the legislature to remove these caps, arguing that they drive businesses and consumers away from the legal marketplace and lack scientific backing.

Efforts to lift the THC caps have faced legislative roadblocks and opposition from the Vermont Medical Society, which has lobbied to keep them in place. Meanwhile, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board is tasked with reviewing the regulations, with public safety and consumer well-being in focus. Critics of the caps argue that they stifle innovation and disproportionately impact small-scale cannabis businesses. With no resolution in sight, the issue remains a politically sensitive topic and an ongoing discussion that could influence the future trajectory of Vermont’s cannabis industry.

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