Maine town changes their mind on limiting dispensaries

Wells Maine changes course on their cannabis cap

Officials in Wells Maine have revised their plan to limit the number of dispensaries allowed in town. Weeks ago officials determined that immediate action was necessary to clarify the policy that limits the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in town. Currently Curaleaf’s facility at 913 Post Road is the town’s only operational dispensary but two other companies have come forward to open their own stores. The town was considering capping the number of dispensaries at one. This move would have prevented the other projects from moving forward. When David Stephenson, owner of Hazy Hill Farm, shared his plans to open a dispensary 4 minutes down the road from Curaleaf he pointed out to officials that the language in the town’s ordinances referred to “dispensaries” which is plural. The town has reconsidered and is now asking for feedback on a proposal to cap the number of dispensaries to three rather than one.

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