Woburn Mayor says it’s time for recreational marijuana

Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin is speaking out in support of reversing the City’s ban on recreational marijuana businesses. The idea is causing some controversy due to the fact that voters in Woburn opposed the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2016. Several officials appear to be more inclined to support recreational marijuana after years of observation of the developing marketplace. Councilor Jeffrey Dillon is intrigued by the tax revenue that recreational marijuana stores could bring the City. Police Chief Robert Rufo also voiced his support for the proposal after learning that the legal cannabis industry has not led to issues in other communities.

Many of the neighboring communities are not pro-cannabis. Several have banned recreational marijuana and do not have their own medical marijuana dispensaries. Woburn is home to one of the only medical marijuana dispensaries in the surrounding area. Councilor Joanne Campbell was a vocal opponent who helped lead the effort to ban recreational marijuana in Woburn back in 2017. She continues to oppose the effort to bring adult-use marijuana the community. The City Council is expected to continue its debate on this subject throughout the month.

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