Yale Center for the Science of Cannabis and Cannabinoids to be established

Yale University plans cannabis mental health research center

Yale University’s School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut has announced their plans to launch a cannabinoid research center that will focus on what the effects of cannabis use on mental health. According to two doctors involved in the project the Yale Center for the Science of Cannabis and Cannabinoids was launched in response to the commercialization of cannabis across the United States. The research will include a multi-pronged and multidisciplinary approach which will study the acute and chronic effects of cannabis and cannabinoids. With Connecticut having started adult-use cannabis sales in January the research group wants this new project to become a leading resource in cannabis and mental health data.

Read the full announcement from the Yale School of Medicine website here: https://medicine.yale.edu/news-article/ysm-to-establish-yale-center-for-the-science-of-cannabis-and-cannabinoids/