Berkshire Roots Yellow Labs Oral THC Spray

Berkshire Roots now makes THC infused oral sprays in Massachusetts

Massachusetts cannabis company Berkshire Roots has announced the launch of a new product that you can spray directly into your mouth. Berkshire Roots is working in partnership with Yellow Labs, Inc. to produce the new line of Yellow Labs THC Mist products. Yellow Labs has developed a patent-pending delivery system that allows for high absorption of cannabinoids through the skin. The oral spray dose is 3 mg of THC per spray with 125 sprays per container.

According to the press release the oral spray is designed to have a fast onset like cannabis smoke or vape but with super discrete ease of use and great duration of effect like cannabis gummies. The Yellow Labs THC infused oral sprays come in 4 varieties, “Relax” in a purple/indigo container, “Energy” in an orange container, “Focus” in a green container and “Recover” in a light blue container. The new product is sold currently at Berkshire Roots in Pittsfield and East Boston.

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